Dear Parents and Guardians of Valley Local Schools Students,

Our Food Service department will be transitioning over to within a few days. What does this mean for you?
1. We will need you to stop all automated payments in Myschoolbucks. (MySchoolBucks will no longer be used. We'll use what is mentioned in #3 below for online pay)
(All funds will be transferred over) as well as their balances.
2. We want everyone to understand that they'll be a cutoff limit for all ALA-Carte charges for everyone! (Please refer to our Charge Policy on our website)
3. You will need to set up a new account for your students to add funds @

Why did we did this? This company is more compatible with our Student Information System(Progress Book), and will be better at pulling in information and funds faster. 
Thank you for understanding, if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact Shanna Cox @ 740-259-6606

There are smartphone apps available to use also. Here are the links for those:

iPhone app:

Android app: