Valley High School offers its students access to over several different clubs and organizations so students can participate and have fun. With over 300 students, Valley surely has a club for every student's likes. Students' activities are mostly run by the students with an advisor there just to make sure things don't get out of hand, but the students' working together helps teach them responsibility and leadership preparing them for the future.

  • Bible Club

  • Buckeye State

  • Drama Club

  • Junior Scholars

  • Library Staff

  • Quiz Bowl

  • Mock Trial

  • National Honor Society

  • Yearbook

  • Integrity

  • Green Club


Because of the large volume of instructional days missed in 2020-2021, Valley Local Schools has applied for this waiver to have up to three instructional days missed to be waiver (which means students will not have to make these additional days up).

Valley Local Schools are identifying this work as "Blizzard Bags".

Each grade level has created a Blizzard Bag and made it available online to keep learning alive in the event that school closes, as per the waiver requirements. Blizzard Bags contain work to be done at home by the student as review, enrichment or extension material for your child. Please understand that Blizzard Bag activities are to be things that your child may do independently or with little guidance.

It is a requirement of the Ohio Department of Education that the Blizzard Bag assignments be completed in order for the days to be waived.

Students will have two weeks to complete each blizzard bag.

If a student does not complete the assignment, an incomplete or failing grade will be assigned.

If a student does not have access to the internet, teachers will give students the assignment when they return.

If you have any questions please contact your child's principal's office.

Valley students will access the link below to find their lessons. Please check out the short video demonstration that will show you how to navigate the lessons. Some lessons are still being uploaded. You will need to check back if you are not able to find an assignment from one of your child's teachers.

Valley Blizzard Bags: Click Here to Access