Emilie Johnson's Colored Pencil Drawing

Come see what our talented students at Valley High School have been busy creating this year!  The Valley High School Art Show will be Monday, May 9th from 6-7 PM on the stage in the cafeteria.  A very special thanks to Mrs. Tiffany Moore (Clay High School Art Teacher), who will be judging this year's show.  Judging will occur Monday morning, and the results will be on display Monday during the school day starting at first lunch (approximately 11 AM).  All Valley students will have an opportunity to view the Art Show during their lunch period.  Speaking about the Art Show, Mrs. Montgomery said "This is just a small glimpse of the hard work and dedication of Valley's Art students throughout the year.  I'm so proud of what they've created all year long and wish I could display every single piece they've all made!  I would like to thank the Valley community for their continued support of the Art Department and encourage everyone to come see these amazing pieces, whether you have a student taking art or not".