Students Celebrating Loved Ones

Students taking Spanish with Dan Kauffman had a fiesta for the ages as they celebrated Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead), a long standing tradition in Spanish cultures around the world.

Preparations began weeks in advance by creating an "altares de muertos" (altar for the dead) with "ofrendas" (offerings)  for deceased loved ones.  Spanish students also created "alebrijes" (mythical creatures from Mexican folk lore) and Mrs. Montgomery's Art 1 students decorated colorful "calaveras" (skulls) for the showcase display.

The Day of the Dead fell on November 2nd this year, and students were ready to celebrate.  They cooked various traditional foods, such as Pan de Muerto (dead bread), Champurrado(Mexican Hot Chocolate), chips and salsa, and of course cookies and brownies!

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