Evening of Honors Program pic

Evening of Honors - May 10, 2021

Atomic Employees Credit Union Scholarship recipients:  

Blake Wood, Rylee Morrow, Natalie Buckle

Bill Weaver Boys' Basketball Scholarship recipient:  Nick Mowery

Bill Weaver Boys' Basketball Scholarship recipients:  Blake Wood & Nick Mowery

Bob Patterson Memorial Scholarship recipients presented by Darren LeBrun:  

Jacob LeBrun & Natalie Buckle

Chris Spencer Scholarship recipient:  Libbey Higginbotham

DDFaith Foundation Scholarship recipients presented by Grace & Blaine Duduit:

Blake Wood, Natalie Buckle, Jacob LeBrun

Honda-Ohio State STEM Award winner:  Ryleigh Adkins

The Give Back Scholarship by Hydro-Clean Professional Power Washing recipient:

Gabe Stevens

John & Oleta LeBrun STEM Scholarship recipients:  

Blake Wood, Jacob LeBrun, Libbey Higginbotham, Natalie Buckle, Ryleigh Adkins

John Wolford Memorial Baseball Scholarship recipients:

Andrew Andronis & Breckon Williams

Kiwanis of Lucasville Scholarship recipient presented by LeAnne Allen:  Blake Wood

Merritt Family Scholarship recipient:  Addison Copley

Paul Gregory Memorial Baseball Scholarship recipient:  Breckon Williams

Pepsi Scholarship recipients:  Gail Montgomery & Caitlin Kennard

The Ohio State University Land Grant Opportunity Scholarship recipient:

Blake Wood

Valley Alumni Scholarship recipients presented by David Adkins:

A.J. Johnson, Addison Copley, Rylee Morrow, Izabell Logan, Tory Donini, Natalie Buckle

Valley Legacy Scholarship recipients:

Front Row L-R:  Gail Montgomery, Addison Copley, Brooklynn Weeks, Natalie Buckle, Libbey Higginbotham, A.J. Johnson

Back Row L-R:  Izabell Logan, Rylee Morrow, Gabe Stevens, Blake Wood, Tory Donini, Olivia Greer, Ryleigh Adkins, Madison Thompson

Valley Teachers' Association Scholarship recipient:  Jacob LeBrun

William A. Baker Post #363 Scholarship recipient:  Maci Clark

Mock Trial presented by Dan Kauffman:  

Front Row L-R:  Bryce Greene, Erica White, Brooklynn Weeks, Maggie-Mae Clark

Back Row L-R:  Dan Kauffman (Advisor), Kason Bauer, Jacob Meeker, Sarina Allie, Aaralyn Lore

Quiz Bowl:  

Front Row L-R:  Dylan Davis, Mary Elizabeth Sherman, Bryce Greene

Back Row L-R:  Sarah Throckmorton, Reuben Thayer, Kason Bauer, Jacob Meeker

Science Bowl presented by Ryan Conley:

Emma Gahm, Kason Bauer, Reuben Thayer, Ryan Conley (Advisor)  

Freshman Class - Academic Excellence

Sophomore Class - Academic Excellence

Junior Class - Academic Excellence

Senior Class 2021