Calamity Days

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Students and Parents, 

This information outlines the future path we will be taking concerning calamity days for the 2020/21 school year. We will be eliminating the blizzard bags this school year and using remote learning beginning with calamity day 6. We have used 4 calamity days to this point in the 2020/21 school year. If/when we reach day 6, staff and students will operate on a two hour delay schedule for online lessons. We will be using a two hour delay schedule to allow families to get situated for the day and for staff to travel safely to their buildings. The lessons will be a continuation of the curriculum being taught in the classrooms. We do ask all students to participate and complete assignments if this were to happen. 

If weather would not permit staff to travel safely with a two hour delay, an announcement would be made to cancel all online classes. If this were to happen we would need to add a make-up day to the end of the school calendar for staff and students. All attempts will be made to continue with remote learning on calamity days after we have reached our allotted five days. We feel this measure will be more streamlined and beneficial for the students. 
With recent studies and data gathered, along with the vaccines being made available to our staff, we are anticipating bringing students back to school four days a week later this year. We will make the announcement in the near future as to when that date will be. We look forward to this date and are excited to have the students back to on-site learning later this spring. The online option will continue to be available for the online students to finish the 2020/21 school year. 

Scott Rolfe