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Lucasville is getting a bit of holiday cheer thanks to a collaboration between Valley High School's Art Department, Growing Lucasville Opportunities (GLO), and local businesses.  This is the second year that Art 2 and Studio Art students have decorated windows around town.  Valley's Art Department didn't charge a fee last year, and were overwhelmed with the amount of donations that poured in from businesses in appreciation for their efforts.  Students involved in  the project had the opportunity to help decide what that money was spent on (which of course was art supplies)!  With the assistance of Kenny Boldman from GLO, the list of businesses wanting winter windows has grown by almost double this year, and students are working hard to try and get them all done before winter break!

Valley's Art Department is not charging any fee for the decorations again this year.  "We are excited to continue this project," said Kelly Montgomery, Valley's High School Art Teacher.  "With the way things have changed this year concerning the pandemic, the amount of stress on everyone, and the seemingly hectic nature of 2020- we just hope to give the community of Lucasville a little ray of sunshine and holiday cheer as they drive through town!  We truly do appreciate all of the support.  Thank you to the school administration and the families of students for allowing them the opportunity to participate in this project.  Thank you to GLO for helping organize this year's list of businesses.   Thank you to the businesses for allowing us to paint your windows.  Thank you to the people honking their horns in support as they drive by or stopping and complimenting the windows while we are painting.  Your support of Valley's Art Department is tremendously appreciated by me and by my students!"

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