ACT Gift Voucher

ACT is offering a $5 voucher to use towards registration for any February, April, June, or July 2024 ACT test date.  This voucher is available until January 22, 2024 - check out all the details below.  Please contact the Guidance Office at VHS for the voucher code by calling 740-259-6632 or by emailing Mrs. Shope at or Marcie Morrow at

How do I use the voucher code?

Enter the voucher code provided during the checkout process on MyACT to receive $5 off a new ACT registration.  

What if I've already registered?

If you have already registered for an ACT test, you can use this code to receive $5 off an ACT test registration for the February, April, June, or July 2024 test dates.

How long is the voucher code valid?

The voucher code must be redeemed by the time the extended February ACT registration closes on January 22 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

Can the voucher code be used for any ACT test date?

The voucher code is valid for the February, April, June, or July 2024 ACT test dates.

Register for the ACT by clicking here:

Next Test Date:  February 10

Registration Deadline:  January 5

Late Registration Deadline:  January 22 (Late Fee Applies)

Test Date:  April 13

Registration Deadline:  March 8

Late Registration Deadline:  March 24 (Late Fee Applies)

Test Date:  June 8

Registration Deadline:  May 3

Late Registration Deadline:  May 19 (Late Fee Applies)

Test Date:  July 13

Registration Deadline:  June 7

Late Registration Deadline:  June 21 (Late Fee Applies)